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Girls! Girls! Girls!

KASHISH 2012 promises a bouquet of some of the most acclaimed LBTI movies at the festival this year.

``In our first year, we had experimented with having a day devoted to LBTI films. However, we soon realized that this sort of ghettoization during the festival did not work. Many wanted to see a mix of movies portraying the entire spectrum of the rainbow experience,’’ says Saagar Gupta, Festival Programmer. Gupta revealed that LBTI movies were sprinkled across the four days of the festival at both venues – Cinemax Versova in Andheri West and Alliance Francaise at New Marine Lines.


This year KASHISH brings three narrative features, two documentary features along with a choicest assemble of short documentaries and short films of LBTI (lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex) interest.

Centerpiece Film, Gigola, is set in 60's Paris criminal underworld and adapted and directed by Laure Charpentier from her own novel. It is a deliciously entertaining lesbian crime melodrama that blends pulp, camp and wonderfully racy Sapphic love.

(Screening at Cinemax Fri, May 25, 8.30 PM)

THE OWLS, yet another gem from the highly acclaimed director Cheryl Dunye, is an experimental thriller/ film noir involving four “Older-Wiser-Lesbians” featuring Guinevere Turner and Cheryl Dunye herself. (Screening at Cinemax Thu, May 24, 8.30 PM)

Boundaries of sexualities and identities seem to be blurred in the first American film ever to be awarded the Teddy Jury Prize, Open. A queer road-movie-cum-transsexual romance which brings together cast of real hermaphroditic, pandrogynous, and F2M characters to create a revealing look at diverse new human experiences.

(Screening at Alliance Française de Bombay Fri, May 25, 11.30 AM)

Sprinkled through various short films packages, there are several stories of LBTI interest from around the globe. Highly recommended ones are James Dean from Scotland, Slashed from Australia, Ms. Thing from Canada, Girls Of Fire from France, Lesbian Hand Gestures from Germany; Chained, Cyclicity and Half from USA; Through The Window from Israel; as well as Love, Lust & Leela and Between The Two from India.

A not to be missed feature documentary -Yes, We Are marks the first ever outing of lesbians of Poland on camera, challenging the hetero-normal belief that lesbians don’t exist in Polish society.

(Screening at Alliance Française de Bombay Fri, May 25, 10.00 AM)

A vibrant documentary feature from Australia, Ballroom Rules tells the story of four lesbian couples and a gay couple as they battle homophobia, injury and personal drama to pursue their dream of competing at the Gay Games in Germany.

(Screening at Alliance Française de Bombay Fri, May 25, 1.30 PM)

Among the short documentaries, Austin Unbound celebrates the liberation from identity as Austin goes under the scalpel, so he can breathe freely and finally swim in public like a man. It is the first documentary about a deaf F2M person.

(Screening at Alliance Française de Bombay Fri, May 25, 5.00 PM)

This seems to be further underscored in an intimate documentary portrait Mind that reveals a dramatic shift from F2M. Australian-Chinese writer Tom Cho’s quests for a sense of Self, through the transformative powers of art and expression.

(Screening at Cinemax Sun, May 27, 10.00 AM in ‘Family Ties’ package)

Feel the adrenaline rush in Dakings (Jenter med baller), a fly-on-the-wall style documentary about Norway’s first drag king group, witnessing their rise and fall but perhaps also a potential rebirth.

(Screening at Alliance Francaise de Bombay Sat, May 26, 10.00 AM)

To top it all, is one of the most poignant documentary short Y Can't I Run? The Story Of Santhi Soundarajan about a former Indian athlete who being an intersex person, failed a gender test at the Asian Games in Doha in 2006, and since then is living in obscurity.

(Screening at Cinemax Thu, May 24, 5.00 PM in ‘Unfair Games‘ package)

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